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Books are Cool review "Blood: The New Red"

by David Grant on 05/08/12

Read the latest review of "Blood: The New Red" at BooksAreCool!

New Interview at Murder, Suspense, and Musings

by David Grant on 05/04/12

'Blood: The New Red' and many other topics discussed in this new interview.  Read the interview HERE.

10 Ways To Promote Your Writing

by David Grant on 04/26/12

Guest Post at The Golden Pen Review, Read HERE.

Where To Find Inpiration to Write? A Guest Blog...

by David Grant on 04/22/12

David S. Grant stops by Cindy Vine's blog to discuss writing and inspiration.  Read HERE.

A Book and a Chat

by David Grant on 04/19/12

Listen to my new interview at A BOOK and a CHAT!

WISE WORDS guest blog post

by David Grant on 04/18/12

"Suggestions for dealing with a bad review!"  Read the full blog post at Wise Words.

Guest Post: How To Avoid The Rejection Blues

by David Grant on 04/16/12

Book spotlight and guest blog post at Lori's Reading Corner.

NYC Deviants! Drugs and Rock n' Roll Interview: "Blood: The New Red"

by David Grant on 04/15/12

New Interview and Book Giveaway at BK Books.


by David Grant on 04/12/12

Check out my new interview and comment for a chance to win a signed copy of "Blood: The New Red" at Immortality and Beyond.

New Review of "Blood: The New Red"

by David Grant on 04/11/12

New Review at Waiting on Sunday to Drown: "It was a quick enjoyable read"   Read the full review HERE.

"THE FLUSH" - new guest post

by David Grant on 04/06/12

David S. Grant discusses writing deadlines, to dos, "BLOOD: The New Red" and more at BOOK REVIEWS BLOG.

Writing the Dark Side of Fiction

by David Grant on 04/05/12

New Guest Blog Post at "From The Mind of Omegia."  Read the FULL post HERE.

New Interview with Lisa Haselton

by David Grant on 04/04/12

David S. Grant discusses writing, new projects, and "BLOOD: The New Red."  Read the full interview HERE.

This Author's Life spotlights "BLOOD: The New Red"

by David Grant on 03/30/12

Read a synopsis, excerpt, and This Author's Life.

New Interview at Writing Innovations

by David Grant on 03/27/12

My new interview at Writing Innovations where I discuss writing, inspiration, and of course "BLOOD: The New Red."  Read the full interview here.

The Book Connection

by David Grant on 03/23/12

"Blood: The New Red" is spotlighted at The Book Connection.

Between The Covers Feature

by David Grant on 03/23/12

An excerpt of "BLOOD: The Neew Red" is featured at Between The Covers.

BLOOD: The New Red review...

by David Grant on 03/22/12

"IT WAS A FAST, FUNNY READ..."  - Mindy Wall (Books, Books, and More Books)

The Story Behind The Book

by David Grant on 03/22/12

"BLOOD: The New Red" is the focus at The Story Behind The Book.

Guest Post: My Dinner with Charles Bukowski

by David Grant on 03/20/12

My Guest Post at Mass Musings: My "dinner" with Charles Bukowski.

BLOOD: The New Red
Now Available from Silverthought Press
Blood:The New Red, a new novel that follows ex-model turned porn star, Mickey, back into the modeling world of Seventh Avenue where wine is served by the year, cocaine is plentiful, and the walk down the runway will never be the same.  For more information go to and follow David on Twitter: @david_s_grant
"Stuck somewhere between J.D. Salinger, Chuck Palahniuk and Bret Easton Ellis, author David S. Grant delves into the life of a modern misanthrope whose drug usage would make Hunter S. Thompson envious.  Grant laid-back style makes the misadventures of Jeremy and his drug addled buddies an easy pill to swallow. David S. Grant is an author to watch.”
- Stefan Halley, Pop Syndicate (Bleach | Blackout)

"Bleach and its sequel Blackout are going on my favorite reads of the year. These aren’t happy stories and there isn’t too much uplifting metaphor behind the story, but satisfying? Oh yes, that it was. This is a keeper and will find a nice home on my shelf between Brett Easton Ellis and Jay McInerney – I think it will find this a cozy spot."  
- Joanne, The Book Zombie (Bleach | Blackout)

“If you've ever clocked in your time staring at cubicle walls, sitting through monotonous, agonizing meetings, or having to explain the most basic functions of a spreadsheet program, this story is for you.”     
–Andy Laughton, Silverthought Press (Bleach | Blackout)

“Grant writes like an artist paints. There is a lot left to interpretation. Is this book for everyone? No. It is for those who truly understand the artistic side to writing.” 
- Stephanie Rollins (Emotionless Souls)

Availeble at Silverthought Press and Amazon (Paperback and Kindle)

                                           Read Chapter 1